If you decide to Preorder an item on our website, please note the following:

  • Payment is charged immediately at checkout not when the item ships
  • Preordering is voluntary and if at any time you would like to cancel your Preorder for a full refund to method of payment please do so prior to shipment announcement on our website 
  • If you are ordering a Preorder item with an In-Stock item, you will only be charged Shipping once. We will not charge you again once your Preorder has shipped.
  • The date listed on the Preorder page is an approximate and may not be exact for expected time of delivery
  • If at any time you need further details, please contact us at 954-278-9528 and we will be happy to assist! 
  • Our Preorder Items are best selling Piper & Hazel pieces that are likely to sell out quickly
  • These are Special Ordered directly from our Vendors for Piper & Hazel - Preorders can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks depending on the fabric, manufacturing, quantity and details of the item