Welcome to Alina Péritz Jewelry. We are a small, handcrafted jewelry brand based out of Miami, FL. We believe that every piece of jewelry should make you feel confident and powerful. We handcraft every single piece using high quality products that are made to last and take you through all of life’s phases.

Founder & owner Amanda Carmela started making jewelry back in 2017 during college as a creative outlet, selling her first designs through Etsy. During spring break of her senior year in college - she went on a cruise with her twin sister & her life changed forever.

The stars aligned and fate worked it’s magic and she met her current boyfriend while traveling on a cruise from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico. While she spent the rest of the weekend in Miami after the cruise, she realized two things: she fell in love with Florida & with him.

The two felt that they shared a bond unlike any other they had ever felt before. Shortly after Amanda graduated college with her bachelors degree in fashion merchandising, she moved to South Florida to live with Paul.

After moving to Florida, she launched her online store under the name of Piper & Hazel Boutique. She attended pop up events, built her customer base, launched clothing in her store & grew her brand.


“There’s no better feeling than envisioning a design in my head, creating a prototype, finalizing it, seeing it come to life & then seeing my beautiful customers wearing it. It’s an indescribable feeling that makes every part of my work worth it.”

-Amanda (designer & founder)

A New Brand

While figuring out the marketing direction for her brand, she started to feel that there was a void in her boutique in regards to her jewelry.

She wanted to give her jewelry an identity. She also wanted to elevate the branding for her jewelry so that it wouldn’t get lost among all of the other merchandise in her store.  

So Amanda then created Alina Péritz Jewelry. A combination of her favorite name & the last name of her boyfriend.