Hi! I’m Amanda - owner & founder. Piper & Hazel started off as a handcrafted jewelry brand - selling pieces through Etsy until we moved to Florida in 2019 and decided to expand and sell through our own online shop. Piper & Hazel jewelry is 100% all handcrafted by me and I continue to source, create and find inspirations for new collections constantly. Piper & Hazel jewelry will always be part of our core brand. There’s no better feeling than envisioning a design in my head, creating a prototype, finalizing it, seeing it come to life & then seeing my beautiful customers wearing it. It’s an indescribable feeling that makes every part of my work worth it.

I want you to know that Piper & Hazel Boutique was created out of the depths of my heart and soul. This business was a dream of mine since 15 year old Amanda was sitting in her kitchen filling out printed job applications for local grocery stores, department stores & coffee shops.

I wanted to start this business because I wanted to create something REAL and authentic. A community of women who appreciate the small things in life. I wanted to bring joy and happiness to my customers. I truly get butterflies when I see customers who love my pieces & collections at shows. Seeing their faces light up is all that I want out of this business. When my customers visit my store - I want them to feel at home; like they can let out a huge sigh of relief upon entering - leaving their troubles and worries at the door. I continuously want Piper & Hazel to be a source of inspiration and motivation for people. A boutique that started from the bottom - with no help or investment from anyone - just a girl with a dream and a passion who decided to never give up. 

We are Piper & Hazel. Delicate & bold like the shimmering sun on ocean waves. I want you to know that you can feel safe here at my shop & that everything you see was curated with you in mind. For the days that we are on the go - running from errand to errand to work right after. Everything was sourced for you to look & feel your best; to gain the confidence you need to take control of your life & for your goals to become reality. I am here with you, for you & standing right behind you to catch you if you fall.